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Hello, I’m Anita and I help women just like you to work through fear and self-doubt so you can own your innate gifts and thrive with confidence.

We are living in challenging and uncertain times and I believe, a crucial moment in human evolution. We’re being asked to take responsibility and raise our awareness. This requires introspection, healing old wounds, clearing ancestral patterns and changing our daily thoughts and behaviour. It’s not easy work!

It’s my mission to help light the way for you through this transition. I believe it’s women like us who need to be part of this change so I’m here to support and guide you through a process of remembering who you are and what you’re here to share with the world.

The way I work.

Putting a label on what I do has been a challenge I’ve largely tried to avoid. The best way to describe my work is that is helps to facilitate wholistic transformation. My belief is that change has to be integrated on all levels to be successful.

I have a clinical health background as a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist. I’ve studied and practiced massage and hands on energy healing. Training as a Coach has given me tools to address my client’s inner world of thoughts, emotions and beliefs and this new qualification in Quantum Human Design has offers the ultimate insight into how to use all of these tools in a way that supports each client’s unique individuality.

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“A friend gave me Anita’s contact details when I was trying to get back on top of things after experiencing post-natal depression. I had been put on antidepressants and had a few sessions with other professionals but what was different about Anita was her immediate ability to put me at ease. I felt safe to say anything and not be judged, something I’d been finding hard as a new mother who couldn’t connect to the ‘joy of motherhood’ as I thought I should. Anita helped me work through my feelings and let go of the shame. She helped me come up with a plan to enhance my sleep and nutrition, ask for support from my family and schedule important ‘me time’ every week. She also taught me some mindfulness and breathing techniques that have helped enormously when anxiety rears its head. These days I feel more confident about coping with the demands of motherhood”. ~ Becky

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